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“It was my first time at a sound bath and meditation experience, and Deb was so welcoming from the first step in the door! The session itself was just the relaxing experience I was hoping it would be. I will be back!”

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Private Sessions

Do you struggle with stress, anxiety, PTSD, grief, insomnia or chronic pain or illness?
Are you exhausted all the time? Can’t sleep? Feel frustrated?
Is anxiety affecting your professional, social and/or family life?

I have experienced various life and health challenges myself.

I can guide you to the mindful practices that will assist you.

You can reclaim your power!

Safe  •  Empowered  •  Confident  •  Embodied  •  Supported  •  Cared For

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Take a breath, rest, and release your stress, anxiety, PTSD, insomnia, grief
or other challenges with peaceful wellness modalities.

Private Integral Sound Healing Sessions

The holistic modality of Integral Sound Energy Healing and Wellness is like experiencing a full body sound “massage.” It uses techniques based on sound vibrations and music to bring the body, mind, emotions, and spirit back into balance. It is from this place of harmony that healing takes place.

This soothing practice encourages relaxation, restores energy flow, and initiates the self-healing process.

Book a discovery session for more information on private sound healing sessions, mindfulness, meditation, movement/yoga or the other modalities I offer.

Events and Classes

Take a breath, rest, and release your stress, anxiety, PTSD, insomnia, grief, or other challenges with peaceful wellness modalities in group or individual sessions.

Here in Madison I share varied classes and events in mindfulness and meditation techniques, sound baths and integral sound healing with singing bowls, restful yoga and mindful movement, and deep relaxation, mindfulness coaching, labyrinth walks, and aromatherapy.

Monthly Free Sound Energy Clinic

Receive a sound energy “tune-up.” You are seated as I use Tibetan Bowls. Your feet are placed in a large singing bowl, while you are grounded, I clear and rebalance your chakras with other Tibetan singing bowls. 15-minute session. Drop-in on the 4th Saturday, 12-2 pm. Sound Energy sessions are 15-minutes and free or by donation. The Sound Bath at 3:00 pm is $20.

Whatever your need, we can work together to bring a mindful approach
to balance your mind, body, and spirit. Take a step to self-care. You are worth it!


Peaceful Wellness
Northside Madison

An intimate studio for nourishing practices for well-being
with Deb Phelps, Owner

Located at 2114 N. Sherman Avenue, Suite 6-8
(formerly Northside Yoga’s space)
Lower Level of DuWayne’s Salon and Massage East


Private Sessions by Appointment

  • Sound Healing and Sound Baths
  • Meditation Instruction and Mindfulness Coaching
  • Deep Relaxation, Movement, Aromatherapy

Classes, Workshops and Sound Baths
Space is limited. Advance registration required.

Haumea Yoga
Sun Prairie

Located at 908 Windsor Street in Sun Prairie

Periodic Group Sound Baths

Next Sound Bath:

Silent Night Sound Bath
Sunday, December 11th
4:00 pm
During the hustle and bustle of the winter holidays, a musical meditation will help guide you back to silence and restoration.

Register for December Sound Bath

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16-minute Sound Healing Meditation at Peaceful Wellness Madison Studio with owner, Deb Phelps
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Clips from Summer Solstice Sound Bath held in June 2022 at Haumea Yoga in Sun Prairie

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Register in Advance

See Membership Levels!
Register in advance for classes or events you would like to attend.
You can also text me at least one hour before a class is scheduled at 608-216-2805 to see if space is available.

Comments from Madison Clients & Students

  • “Amazing, the sound meditation is so relaxing and calming. I would recommend to anyone who hasn’t tried this session. “
  • “I needed this so much… thank you for making this so relaxing and special.”
  • “I really enjoyed restorative with Deb! It was my first class in a LONG time. It was relaxing and I left feeling rejuvenated in mind and body and spirit. I will definitely be joining for many more classes. “
  • “A great variety of sounds and vibrations – really enjoyed it!”
  • “Deb always meets us where we are for our practice. It’s a kindness and support that’s wonderful to experience. Thank you!”
  • “Deb incorporated breathing with a body scan, it was powerful and profoundly helpful. I relaxed pretty quickly, much to my surprise and I desperately needed it, thank you!”
  • “Deb has ability to listen and help one discover his/her truth. Allows one to freely express emotions and guides one to peace and wholeness. A wonderful gentle guide. “
  • “Deb is a very compassionate and thoughtful teacher. Highly recommend!!”

Take a Peek Inside the Studio

Come into the quiet of a candlelit intimate space that offers support and respite from the outside world. Meet with your all-in-one guide, practitioner, instructor and coach as you are encouraged to restore and renew yourself with mindfulness, meditation, integral sound healing, and restful yoga

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