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Integral Sound Energy Healing and Wellness Treatments

There are several options for your treatment. I’m happy to talk with you by phone or Zoom.

What is the Difference Between a Private Session and a Group Sound Bath?

I am often asked what the difference is between an integral sound healing session and a group sound bath. These may seem similar but in fact they are quite different.

  • A group sound bath is more of a musical performance which the practitioner plays singing bowls, gongs, and other instruments bathing you in sound waves. I typically use a theme in my sound baths and introduce meditation, chanting, singing or poetry to enhance the theme. It can be also considered that you are on a sound journey that provides relaxation and a feeling of well-being. Schedule a Private Group Sound Bath
  • An integral sound healing session is intentional and tailored to the individual receiving the session. The focus is on the client’s specific needs in the body, mind and spirit. One can liken it to a sound “massage” experience.
  • Each session that I provide is tailored to you specifically with your mind, body, and spirit needs in mind. Each session comprises of sound healing, intuitive guidance, silent integration and suggestions for ongoing practice (if any). As you rest, relax, rejuvenate and revitalize your body, you will find personal transformation with the support you receive.

Both types of sound healing are beneficial. It can have a broad focus as in a sound bath, or a narrow focus that is created just for you, the client. Either way it is an enlightening vibrational experience.


Personalized Integral Sound Healing Session

The holistic modality of Integral Sound Energy Healing and Wellness is like experiencing a full body sound “massage.” It uses techniques based on sound vibrations and music to bring the body, mind, emotions, and spirit back into balance. It is from this place of harmony that healing takes place. This soothing practice encourages relaxation, restores energy flow, and initiates the self-healing process.

Each session is tailored to you specifically with your mind, body, and spirit needs in mind. Each session comprises of sound healing, intuitive guidance, silent integration and suggestions for ongoing practice (if any). As you rest, relax, rejuvenate and revitalize your body, you will find personal transformation with the support you receive. Choose to prioritize your well-being today!

Madison Area Appointments: In-person appointments are held at my studio, Peaceful Wellness Madison on the Northside at 2114 N. Sherman Ave #6-8. Lower Level of DuWaynes Salon and Massage East. Base price: 60-minute Private Session: $65+ any options
Virtual Sessions: Sound healing can be done virtually and many people receive benefits by this method as they feel the vibrations surrounding them. Sound healing offered in stereo and wearing headphones will give you the best experience. 60-minute Private Session: $65

Your Options for Your Experience
  • Crystal or Tibetan Bowls (You can specify but other healing instruments will be used)
  • Lying down on floor in futon or on a massage table
  • Quartz Crystal Singing Harp  – $15 extra
  • Special Amethyst Crystals and Black Tourmalines Infrared Heated Mat – $15 extra
  • Hot Stone for Sound Healing and/or Restorative Yoga (coming in December 2022) – $20 extra for sound healing session


60 Minute Session Examples
  • Specific Sound HealingA session of soothing vibrations and specific protocols using a variety of singing bowls and other instruments on a specific area: Nervous System Balance & Well-Being, Calming Anxiety, Quality Sleep, Inner Guidance, Forgiveness, Life Direction and Dedication, Grounding, Loss or Grief, Motivation & Creativity, Chakras, or I’ll design the perfect session for your physical, mental or emotional needs.
  • Permission to Rest This session includes a guided rest meditation (known as yoga nidra or Integrative Rest – see further down the page) along with the healing sounds of the Singing Bowls. Perfect for those who have challenges with sleep or simply need a take a timeout from the world.
  • Chakra Balancing – This session specifically works through each of the chakras (the energy centers in the body) to bring you balance, restore energy, and invite relaxation.


90 Minute Session Option
  • Deep Restorative SessionThis session consists of 3-4 restorative yoga poses where you lie supine on the floor. The poses are supported for your comfort, and you can use blankets, bolsters, blocks, and pillows. If you like, heated rice bags, eye pillow, and/or aromatherapy oils, can be used to further invite relaxation. As you become drop into your experience, singing bowls will soothe your mind, body, and spirit with a nourishing sound bath. In December, I will be offering Hot Stones as an option.
90 minutes session requires an advance notice, contact me for details.

  • Note: If you are pregnant, please consult your doctor in advance of participating in any sound healing sessions. Additionally, those with epilepsy or those who are prone to headaches because of sound and vibrations should not experience sound healing sessions.
  • Preparing for Your Session – Wear comfortable clothing to lay on massage table or if you would prefer on the floor or seated, let me know in advance. Eat lightly, be hydrated, and avoid caffeine right before sessions. Bring a bottle of water with you so you can stay hydrated afterward. Arrive on time. If you arrive late, the session still must end on time, to respect everyone’s schedules. Thank you!
  • Intake Form – After you set your appointment, you will be emailed a client intake form. This information remains completely confidential, and is to assess your needs, goals, health, and to make sure that Deb feels that her healing service is appropriate and would be beneficial to you.
  • What to Expect – In a beautiful healing space, where you will sit/recline on futon cushion or recline comfortably on the massage table with blankets, Deb will listen to your needs and goals and join in the Intention you are setting for the session. The sound session will be specifically created uniquely for you, to help you release energetic blockages in mind, body, and spirit, and to manifest your intention. Deb may use a variety of instruments – Tibetan Singing Bowls, crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, gong, rattles, drum, chimes or voice to create ambient acoustic sounds that soothe the nervous system and bring you into a deeply restorative state. You will emerge lighter, brighter, and more grounded. Sessions with Deb are truly transformative.
  • Package Sessions are available.

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