Meditation and Mindfulness – You will learn mindfulness practices, explore heart-centered or chakra-based meditations, breathwork, relaxation, or how to access your inner wisdom.

Guided Rest Meditation which is also known as yoga nidra, is a type of meditation were you are lying on the floor (or you can sit). It induces a full-body relaxation and a deep meditative state of consciousness. It is rejuvenating for the body and mind and can reduce stress, chronic pain, decrease anxiety, and ease insomnia among other benefits. Learn more about this practice.

Guided Visualization and Imagery Meditation – This is a relaxation technique that can slow the body and mind. It can use various methods like a pleasant scenes in a peaceful location to soothe anxiety and stress. Or, a scene to help you recover well-being and wellness.

In Restorative Yoga, you are resting on a mat on the floor supported by a variety of props. It is a style of yoga accessible to anyone to create balance, quiet and restore our bodies and minds to a state of homeostasis. Props used: bolsters, blankets, blocks, pillows, eye pillows, heated rice bags, and sand bags to support the practitioner. It promotes deeper relaxation and creating space for healing. Read more about this style of yoga.