New Peaceful Wellness Podcast!

New Peaceful Wellness Podcast!

I am truly excited to share that I have a new podcast. It’s been a couple of years since I last did a podcast and I look forward to sharing not only my own inspirations and meditations but also special guests that I have lined up for the future.

If you are ready to unite with your true nature and find the calm you need to go through this journey called “life,” then walk a while with me as we learn to be resilient with mind-body-spirit modalities.

I am a meditation teacher, mindfulness coach, sound healer, yoga specialist, and with these and other modalities, they have helped me to truly find peaceful wellness within. I will be sharing with you my inspirations, meditations and occasional guests who all have assist me in one way or another to bring back that joy, laughter, peace and consistency into my life.

The podcast has been submitted to several providers and should show up soon in your favorite podcast platforms. For now, you can access it below.

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