Asking for Help & Receiving It

Asking for Help & Receiving It

I have had trauma and abandonment in my life. Because of the PTSD, I went my path as much as I could alone, closed down, shuttered from the world as I felt I could not trust anyone. I certainly had raised a family, multiple marriages, yet, I was never fulfilled or felt safe. I felt that I had do it all myself since I had been let down so many times. My mantra became “I can do it myself” and felt no one could do what I needed done better than me since they were unreliable throughout my life.

I learned to ask for help though, thankfully, first from my Inner Guide and then outwardly to others, even those I have had the most difficult relationships because they are my teachers. I am blessed that I have those in my life that I can turn to for support. Most recently with my doctor. He is so kind and thoughtful, and recognizes what tools I have to get me through this temporary resurgence of fibromyalgia pain. I admit it took me some time to reach out to him as I thought it would dissipate.

I admit there are times where I feel the sting of friendships that have drifted, from opportunities I could have grasped but my own protection devices were in place to keep me safe from harm.

I often take time to notice the helpers in my life now. Be it, my own inner wisdom, or others that I work with, family, friends, or inspiring teachers and others, both past and present. This helps me to not feel so alone.

It is all too easy for us to slip into feeling like we are alone. In our moments of sadness or frustration, it’s common to feel as though we do not have help and we are all on our own. Sometimes we feel as though we have always been alone.

The truth is, there are countless beings who have guided us to where we are today, right here and right now, even if we don’t recognize them.

One small compliment from an acquaintance, or one grand criticism from a loved one may have changed the course of our lives, along with everything in between. Even those whom we find challenging, or those who we deem to have negatively impacted our lives, could be labeled as our teachers and thereby our helpers.

We have never been alone, and we are not alone right now. Mindfulness helps us recognize how much we are truly supported and cared for by all the beings in the world around us.

The following exercise and the meditation below you may find helpful in your journey.

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This meditation helps you begin the process of meeting an inner guide and receiving wisdom.

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