Real Happiness Week Two: Day Fourteen: Washing Dishes Meditation

Today’s practice isn’t so much about washing dishes but about how we can be present in the moment. I’m sure you have heard the phrase “Stop and smell the roses.” Too often we work on automatic pilot and don’t even realize what we are doing. Have you ever been driving and forgot where you were going or took a wrong turn to a place you frequently go? Where was your mind?

I’m not immune to this either, there are still times I carry on mindlessly and forget what I was doing because of either distracting thoughts or conversation in my mind. But when I do stop, take a breath, tune into my body and my breath, I arrive in the right here, right now moment.

See if you can be fully present in your activities today.



Recommended reading for Week Two of the Challenge is pages 81 – 90 and pages 105 – 108 in the second edition of the book, “Real Happiness”.




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