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Madison Studio Class Updates

An overview of the classes we offer at Meditate Madison and updates that have been made as of May 14th, 2018. 

 After much thought, I have restructured the Saturday morning and Wednesday evening meditation class sessions format slightly to accommodate students’ recent feedback and needs, as well as my own observations. The changes start with this week’s classes on May 16th and May 19th.

This information is particular to only the Saturday and Wednesday class. All the other classes will stay as is. The topics I presented before in the class, i.e. monthly theme, I will instead offer special workshops on the topics from time to time.

All classes are drop-in. I only ask for preregistrations for our workshops (or retreats) since I have to prepare materials in advance. However, and if you are able, it is helpful to register in advance so we have an idea how many will attend a class.


New Class Format for the 60 Minute Meditation Instruction Class 
Saturdays at 10:30 am 
Wednesdays at 6:30 pm 

  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Orientation to the Class Format – (All questions and comments will be held until the end of class in the Q&A time. During the session we will maintain silence as we practice.)
  • Setting an Intention/Tuning In to the Higher Self
  • Short Breath Exercise (3 min)
  • Gentle Stretches
  • 1st Meditation – Breath Focus Meditation (10 min)
  • Mini-Stretch Break
  • 2nd Meditation – A Meditation Technique (20 min) 
  • Closing Reflection (Examples)
    • Visualize you and your life exactly as you want it to be. 
    • Send out a healing prayer to someone who you know needs it. 
    • Pray for peace and love on Mother Earth, and peace and love in everyone’s heart. 
    • Offer gratitude for your practice today 
  • Question and Answer Time (10-15 min) 


Our Other Classes 

Guided Visualization Meditation for Relaxation – This meditation guides you through an experience that assists you to relax. This could be a journey using imagery journey. You can request your favorite and we’ll go by group consensus. 

Mindfulness – This class places the emphasis on being in the present moment with thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and the environment. It is a guided session. 

Loving-Kindness – The simple transformative meditation practice that directs love and well wishes to yourself and others. It truly opens the heart.  

Guided Meditation for Restful Sleep (Yoga Nidra or Yogic Sleep) – This meditation is different than the others and the term “yoga” in the name is only just a word. This is to bring you a deeper relaxation than a typical guided meditation. One hour of this practice is likened to 3 hours of sleep. 

Open Meditation – There is something to be said of meditating in a group atmosphere. It is very powerful. It is also an opportunity to ask questions about your practice.  

Sunday Meditation – Each week our Sunday morning meditation varies. Open Meditation, Crystal Singing Bowls, Mindfulness, and Guided Meditation. 

Singing Bowls
– The Singing Bowl Meditation on Sundays and the longer presentations on the 1st Friday of the month, bring you to an immersive healing journey with sound. Those who have experienced it have been not only feel rested but have had an almost speechless experience that is otherworldly. 




Fit & Functional Yoga for Every Body
– Let me tell you what is wonderful about this yoga class. The small group atmosphere! I love the intimacy and the attention Sarah can give to students with the poses. We are not a number in the crowd. She works with you where you are, flexible or not, and no matter what size or shape! It truly is a great class held twice a week on Tuesdays at 6 pm and Saturdays at 9 am. Note: No class on May 19th.




Monthly Labyrinth Walk – On the last Sunday of the month, our portable labyrinth is laid on the studio floor for a walking meditation or you could call it a walking prayer.






Spiritual Cinema at Meditate Madison Studio

I’ve had a few people mention if I could offer a Monthly Spiritual Cinema event. I had done this in the past with my other organization when we had office space. I am certainly open to doing this at the studio. I do have a projector and a screen to use. So far, Saturday evenings seem to be the preference. No date is set as yet. Let me know of your interest and your preference.

The film I’d like to show first: ‘Walk With Me’ is a meditative film about a community of Zen Buddhist monks and nuns who have dedicated their lives to mastering the art of mindfulness with their world-famous teacher Thich Nhat Hanh. Narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch.

If you have an idea for a film, let me know! I do have access to Gaia, which produces the original Spiritual Cinema films we used to show in the past.

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