Awakening to Joy Retreat – March 23-25, 2018

Awakening to Joy Retreat

Miracles and Mindfulness presented by MiraclesOne and Meditation Stepping Stones

March 23-25, 2018

Bethel Horizons Art Ventures Retreat Center

Dodgeville, Wisconsin

Deb Phelps and Allison Phelps
Due to extenuating circumstances, Donna Marie Cary will now be unable to attend 

Are you ready to awaken to joy?
Join us as we explore throughout the weekend
as we can remember and experience the joy of the Divine in our lives each and every day.

Learn to be present in your life, to love yourself and others,
to allow compassion and gratefulness.
All these lead to joy.

Our focus is on an insightful book on mindfulness called:
Awakening Joy: 10 Steps That Will Put You on the Road to Real Happiness.
Also, we will be incorporating ideas from the spiritual text, A Course in Miracles.

The purpose of all of our Retreat Weekends is to provide
a place of rest, renewal and contemplative reflection.

At this retreat:

  • We will explore the joy at our core through various ways including meditation, processes, journaling, and dialogue throughout our sessions.
  • Share with like-minded people in our group sessions
  • Creative expression session with Allison
  • Personal time for reflection
  • Group mindfulness meditations
  • Walk our beautiful hand-painted labyrinth
  • Singing Bowls Meditation
  • Beautiful natural setting!
  • One-on-one personal sessions are available
  • After the retreat is over, your learning can be further enhanced with our study groups and classes. In our classes, you will be supported with follow-up material, videos, optional video/phone meetings, and more (depending on what you choose).

Your Facilitators

Deb Phelps has been teaching and studying ACIM since 1993, is a meditation practitioner since 1980 and is a Certified Meditation Instructor.  Available for one-on-one sessions in Spiritual Life Coaching or Meditation Instruction and Support.




Allison Heistand-Phelps studied for both her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees at Naropa University, a Buddhist contemplative University in Boulder, Colorado.  (Bachelor of Arts of Contemplative Psychology and Visual Arts: Concentration in Transpersonal and Humanistic Psychology and Master of Arts in Transpersonal Counseling & Psychology: Concentration in Art Therapy) She is also a Registered Psychotherapist in Colorado. Allison is currently studying to be a certified Mindfulness Meditation Instructor. Available for one-on-one sessions in Life Coaching or Creative/Spiritual Expression.


For more information and registration, go to this link.

Meditation Stepping Stones

Meditation Stepping Stones

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