Changing your life, even in small, incremental ways, can only happen effectively when you start with yourself. It’s no different with happiness. After all, a happy life is not simply the result of luck, good fortune, or a personality trait. It’s a decision you make to see yourself, others, and the world around you in a certain way.

We can begin self-discovery by turning the attention inward. As you fine-tune your awareness of mind and body, and in so doing, start to see yourself as separate from your thoughts, feelings, and habits.

You’ll begin to experience that deep quiet from which true happiness springs, flowering in moments of inspiration, elation, and happiness. The more you nurture yourself, the more capable you are of growing strong and coping with stresses that threaten or test your well-being at every turn. And at each phase of growth, you will reveal to yourself and the world a new, beautiful, dynamic part of you.

Are you ready to take the steps?

The first step is quieting the mind. I’ll share this in our next blog post, or if you are interested now you can access our podcast or our meditation and mindfulness¬† instruction information.

*Excerpt from Healthy Rhythms
Meditation Stepping Stones

Meditation Stepping Stones

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